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Green grass surrounding a large boulder near the Gibsonburg Limestone Quarry is one of the first signs of spring.


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Gibsonburg High School 2005 State Baseball Championship Photos


We are publishing a new gallery of photos from the day of the 2005 GHS state championship game.


Gibsonburg, the Movie, is about Gibsonburg High School’s improbable 2005 state championship baseball season.

Courtesy: Doug Hise


Gibsonburg Ohio is a friendly community nestled in the plains of northwestern Ohio. It's a place where friendships are developed, families are created and businesses succeed.

Gibsonburg is a rather photogenic place, from the gorgeous sunrise shining on the business district each morning to the sun setting on the western farmland each evening.


It's a place where an unheralded baseball team in 2005 won a state championship and a movie called "Gibsonburg" was subsequently created.

Gibsonburg is a village of about 2,500 people, has a valuable school system, maintains land rich in minerals and is a place where dreams are created and carried through to reality.

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